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How a designer Can Sort Out Planning Permission

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How a designer Can Sort Out Planning Permission

In Scotland you will find over 40,000 applications for planning permission lodged with local councils each year and also over 90% of those are granted. How are these applications made the decision and just what role will a Scottish architect play within this process?

Complicated Rules

To begin with the guidelines for planning are extremely complicated and thus anybody considering starting any type of home extension, new build or perhaps commercial update should you should consider engaging the expertise of the architect at the outset of their project.

Most planning permissions are granted at local council level and they’ve the ultimate say in regards to what projects require permission and just what could be considered as allowed developments.

You might not even need planning permission.

Where permission is needed you have to ask your neighbours! Your neighbours may have as much as 14 days to comment or resist your plans and in some cases the application should be printed from our paper. Again here you architect is definitely worth how much they weigh in gold as well as their local understanding is going to be helpful.

Planning Factors

Local council planning offices need to consider numerous things once they get an application. They have the effect of making certain and controlling positive change throughout our towns and metropolitan areas, to guard historic structures and regions of natural splendor while encouraging urban regeneration and sustainable building projects.

It’s a great deal to juggle but any architect worth his salt have a good, working relationship having a local planning office and will also be aware of what’s going to pass and just what wont. This relationship can help you save both money and time.

Possible Outcomes

You will find three possible outcomes for just about any application for planning permission.

permission granted without conditions

permission granted with conditions

permission not granted

The neighborhood council in Scotland will in around 80% from the cases come to a decision within 8 days of receiving a credit card applicatoin.

With respect to the outcome you’ll need your architect on hands either to obtain the ball moving in your project, to describe any conditions and adjust your plans accordingly in order to lodge and appeal when the architect deems it necessary. So that you can begin to see the obvious advantage of engaging a designer at the outset of the work and how they may smooth the road to planning consent.