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How to Avoid Problems When Buying a New Build Property

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Across the country, thousands of new homeowners will be excited and thrilled to move into a brand spanking new property. However, there is a shock in store awaiting some of these homeowners-to-be as new build problems begin to surface.

The issue is with new builds, many have what we call “snags”. A snag is basically a defect within the building. The home may have plumbing or brickwork issues, soil quality complaints or the roof and guttering may not be up to scratch.

But you would be prompted to ask, “Why would we be seeing such building and maintenance problems in a brand new build that nobody has lived in before?”

Housing development is a fast-paced business. Builders, plasterers, plumbers and bricklayers must all enter the property at different times. As one skilled set of workers enter a new build, another trade will be pacing up and down waiting for the first team to complete its tasks.

There are time limits and a constant watching over the shoulder of any tradesman building their part within the new home. Jobs are often rushed and quality issues are overlooked.

It can be poor plastering, electrical malfunctions through the wiring system, plumbing defects, bad joinery on the staircases, poorly hung doors or the guttering might not be fixed in properly.

All of these issues are far more common than you may think. It has been estimated that as many as 350 new homeowners are moving into their dream new builds every week, unaware of the snags that will unfold before their eyes over time.

Some problems are so bad that the new homeowners have had to move back into the properties they came from or find alternative accommodation while the repairs have been hastily done.

To avoid all these problems, a new homeowner, moving into a new build property, should obtain a snagging report. There are businesses that will carry out detailed snagging surveys to discover the problems or issues that might beset you after you have moved in.

A snagging report can highlight so many things that would ordinarily be missed by homeowners. Snagging teams tend to carry out a vast range of checks before the move is made, so these problems can be ironed out before you move in.

To see a detailed list of what a professional snagging survey includes, take a look here and avoid those problems when buying a new build.