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Get 250 FREE Business Cards with every order!

We have a promotional offer from VistaPrint to our customers to receive 250 free business cards. That's a pretty sweet offer. So what is the catch you ask?

Well, we wanted to know as well so we ordered the 250 'free' business cards. Sure enough, we received 250 full color cards in 2-3 weeks. What was the 'catch'?

Well, Vistaprint put a small advertisement on the back, which we didn't care about. We did have to pay s&h, which is only $5.50 in the U.S. And if we wanted to 'customize' the card, which meant uploading images or changing the look or arrangement of the card it was an extra $9.99 - which we did not, but even if we did, it would be worth it. The cards were nice.

So did it pass our 'catch' test - yes, and the cards are great and best of all free.

How it works:

Place your order with us, and once you have placed it, you will be taken to the final 'thank you' page. Follow the appropriate link and either place your business card order immediately, or bookmark it for later. Oh yes, and if you place your order online, you get two more ways of saving - a coupon code 'thankyou54' that will give you 5% off your order, and all orders over $39 have free shipping!