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The Magic Wand You Need in the Real Estate Market

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A solution to make the real estate business a bit less cumbersome than what it already is by using virtual staging, and it is rapidly gaining popularity. For those who don’t know what it is, it refers to the marketing tool wherein the property in question is staged, i.e. visualised with furniture and modifications in it that are digitally introduced by the service provider. This will have many benefits for the customer;

  1. A potential buyer can visualise what his future property would look like fully furnished, and would help him plan how much furniture would be required to be brought in, and how much space is being utilised.
  2. He can plan as to what type of furniture or fitting he would like in said space. He now has a very good way to visualise the property as it would look like.
  3. It would aid in more rapid and informed decision making when choosing between different properties.

Of course, the rapidly growing popularity of this service isn’t just because of its benefits to the buyer, but also because of the many it gives to the seller. The myriad advantages to the sellers are as follows:

  1. Showing how a given property would look fully furbished and fitted would help in wooing potential customers.
  2. Because of the hassle free and much more attractive customer experience, a staged property is likely to spend much less time on the market than a non-staged one.
  3. Surveys conducted in the real estate business show that buyers are in fact willing to pay one to five percent above the sell price for a staged property than a non-staged one.
  4. Any given seller can now talk to more customers in less time since the practice of showing them around the property becomes redundant.

A poll conducted in 2018 also established the already presumed fact that such services enhance business marketing.

So, with both the customer feedback as well as the market surveys confirming that virtual staging has a positive effect on the real estate business for buyers and sellers alike, it’s time to stage your property right now! So, what are waiting for? Go. Get yourself a VS service provider.

Do not fall behind on the market and lose out! Come and see how that property of your dreams will really look like after you’ve brought everything in!