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Twelve Gardening Facts You Ought To Know

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Having a garden is not all about beautiful flowers and professionally maintained grass. It’s also vital that you know as much information as you can about a garden in general.

There is so much to know about planting, gardening services Beaconsfield, as well as other fun facts when it comes to your garden.

If you’re only starting to build your outdoor escape, here are some gardening facts that might come in handy.

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  1. Gardens Were Not Originally For Decoration

You might be creating a garden to make use of your lawn, but back in the days, gardens were explicitly for growing food and medicinal herbs.

  1. Gardens Were Inspirational

A lot of literary works that also became famous

Gardens became a center plot in a lot of famous literary works including The Secret Garden, the trilogy of Dark Materials, Romeo and Juliet, The Selfish Giant, The Merchant’s Tale in Canterbury tales, Rebecca, La Roman de la Rose, The Door in the wall, and even the Book of Genesis in the Bible.

  1. The Beginning Of Decorative Gardens

The first decorative gardens appeared in Egypt during the 1500 B.C.

  1. Guerilla Gardening

Guerrilla gardening refers to the act of gardening on illegal land. Gardeners who practice guerrilla gardening usually spill over their legal boundaries on purpose and use it as a political motive to protest.

  1. Naked Gardening Day

There is such a thing as World Naked Gardening Day wherein both amateur and expert gardeners gather every May 2nd to promote body acceptance by gardening naked.

  1. Plants Do Respond To Sound

Studies show that plants do respond to sound and music. The sound vibrations of music or your voice can affect the plant’s growth.

  1. A Sunflower Is Not A Single Flower

Sunflowers are one of the most beautiful flowers out there. However, it is not just one flower. The fuzzy brown center, as well as the yellow petals, are, in fact, a thousand to two thousand individual flowers.

  1. Butterflies Prefer Weeds Over Flowers

Most people believe that butterflies are attracted to flowers because of their sweet fragrance and nectar. However, if you use pesticides and the like, chances are the butterflies will prefer everyday weeds such as dandelions and clovers over your flowers. If you want more butterflies coming your way, choose heirloom flower seeds and refrain from using chemical enhancers.

  1. You Can Customize A Hydrangea’s Color

Hydrangeas naturally have a beautiful color, but did you know you can adjust its color too? Alkaline soil results in pinker blooms while a more acidic soil will lean towards blue blooms. For bluer hydrangeas, add organic matter such as eggshells and coffee grounds, to the soil. This color adjustment also requires patience, as the change won’t happen overnight.

  1. Cheat On Composting

You don’t necessarily need to be a dedicated composter to reap similar benefits. You can throw used coffee grounds, eggshells, chopped banana peels, and other organic materials directly to the soil.

  1. The Oldest Tree Isn’t The Tallest One

Funnily enough, the world’s tallest tree, the coast redwood, is not the oldest-growing tree. The latter is the bristlecone pine.

  1. Vanilla Beans Come From An Orchid

The popular vanilla flavoring is from a pod of an orchid called vanilla planifolia. And even though they are called vanilla beans, they’re more related to corn than green beans.

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Final Words

So there you have twelve fun and useful facts about gardening.

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